Beijing Guopei£¨Tradesky£©Business Research Institute

As a professional service provider in the field of international business with focus on international trade, multinational investment and international business exchange, Beijing Guopei Business Research Institute(BG) has established a sound long-term cooperative relationship with the Department of Ministry of Commerce, The People`s Republic of China and other governmental organizations, University of Business and Economics, various local governmental organizations in charge of international trade and law firms. We provide excellent professional services for thousands of companies home and abroad and win their trust with our vigorous and special service.

For domestic companies, we provide the following services: business training, international business consulting, international investment consulting, business studies and research in foreign countries, book issuing and labor service.

Contact information:
Mr. Liu Jidong
Tel: 0086-10-51661169
Fax: 0086-10-64446240

Excellent credibility

Considerate services for several years gained a good reputation in the line of trainings.

Powerful Information center

Established a national database for various type companies in China, which contains about 780,000 enterprises involved in foreign trade and investment. It provides convenient, quick inquiries of the latest information for related businesses.

Speedy promotion center

Maintains business ties and establishes mutual trust partnership with import and export enterprises, have powerful ability to promote .

Good social relations

Established a good relationship with State Department of Commerce and related agencies, local authorities in charge of foreign trade investment, universities, the arbitration committee and many enterprises.

Market research in China

Research on the overall situations of various industries in China, relevant laws and regulations, governmental restrictions, market demand, resources, competition, and channel development.

Looking For Business partner

We have a list of over 150,000 companies, be doing or want to do international business in China, and we have established a sound relationship with governments at various level. We can select ideal business partners according to the requirements of our clients and communicate with them on their behalf at the initial stage.


Lectures on Chinese laws, government, business practices, economic situation in China, industrial distribution and so on.


We provide reception services for guests doing business research in China with excellent arrangement for schedule and various business activities.

Credit research on potential partners

We carry out credit research on your potential business partners from the perspective of laws and regulations, governmental channels, financial statement analysis, and we also do field research on the target company and visit people-in-the-know in the industry on our clients¡¯ request, to provide our clients with credit report with high reliability.

To set up representative office or liaison office on your behalf

We can set up representative office or liaison office staffed with secretaries and salespersons on your behalf at low cost.

Data management and word processing

Editing and word-processing in several languages, data management, information check up, book issuing and electronic images processing and so on.

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